Projects, Templates Form Does Not Let You Update More Than 25 Records

You can encounter this feature in Oracle Projects 11.5.10, form PAXPREPR, version 11.5.640.


I am building up a project template and using DataLoad to create project and task options like project assets, task-level transaction  controls, or task-level asset assignments.  There are several hundreds of these to upload, so DataLoad seems a perfect method.

The Feature

For some reason, however, and I am not even able to properly articulate this, I am unable to upload more than about 25 records at one time. When it reaches some limit, the form simply freezes up, and you have to shut down the browser and re-open your Oracle Applications session.

Has any of you experienced this? What is causing it? I do not believe it is caused by some DataLoad limitation, I’ve used it to upload hundreds and thousands of records in “one run”.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. This is truly driving me insane.

About Marian Crkon

Marian Crkon is a successful independent consultant offering consulting and professional services to Oracle eBusiness Suite clients in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. Marian has been involved in Oracle consulting projects and IT management for over 18 years now. He established himself an an expert in Oracle Projects and Oracle Financials, and completed several successful implementations for clients in the US and Europe. Marian lives in Seattle with his wife and two children. When he does not work or travel, he spends time with his family.

3 Thoughts on “Projects, Templates Form Does Not Let You Update More Than 25 Records

  1. Hi

    I need to export and import Oracle Project templates only how can do that… Just templates

  2. Hi Max,

    It depends on what information you need. If it is just the project header information, you export it from the Projects, Template Summary form. If you need specific template information like tasks, classifications, key members and other project options, you’d need a SQL query.

    Search for an article with Ad-Hoc SQL queries for Projects here. You might find something useful.



  3. Marian on August 3, 2010 at 6:13 am said:

    Just to reiterate, I can replicate the issue manually. I am pretty sure this is not a DataLoad issue.

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