Confused About Setting Up MOAC in R12?

Don’t despair, you are not alone. This feature applies to Oracle EBS R12. If you are implementing, or upgrading to R12, you’ve probably already heard of the new Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC) functionality. In fact, it is one of our main talking points, when we solicit new R12 projects…

Multiple Organizations feature (MOAC) provides security profiles which enable users to access, process, and report data in multiple operating units from a single “global” responsibility.

Both in 11i and R12, the MO:Operating Unit profile option ties a responsibility to a single operating unit. If the MO:Operating Unit profile option is blank at the responsibility level, the MO: Default Operating Unit profile is used for all responsibilities.

In order to make responsibilities “global” and give them access to multiple operating units, you have to define the MO: Security Profile system profile option. Note that if the MO: Security Profile is set, then the MO: Operating Unit profile is ignored, (regardless of which level the options are set at).

When it get tricky is when you need to define a combination of responsibilities intended for one operating unit and responsibilities that cross multiple operating units. In this case you need to carefully design the use of both MO Operating Unit and MO Security Profile options.

And another heads up: you should probably never set the MO: Security Profile at the site level because this overrides the MO: Operating Unit setting at the responsibility level and all responsibilities have access to all operating units.

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Marian Crkon is a successful independent consultant offering consulting and professional services to Oracle eBusiness Suite clients in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. Marian has been involved in Oracle consulting projects and IT management for over 18 years now. He established himself an an expert in Oracle Projects and Oracle Financials, and completed several successful implementations for clients in the US and Europe. Marian lives in Seattle with his wife and two children. When he does not work or travel, he spends time with his family.

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